Confectionery: The Turquoise Squirrel Patisserie - Wedding Album

Confectionery: The Turquoise Squirrel Patisserie

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The woman behind the amazingness that is The Turquoise Squirrel Patisserie is Elli who recently won the award for Best Wedding Cake Design at the TopVendor Wedding Awards. And if that weren’t enough, her cakes speak for themselves; they impeccable and extraordinary.

Elli’s love for baking comes from her hometown in Germany. ‘Christmas in Germany is filled with home-made cookies and sweets made in grandma’s kitchen: the only truly warm room in the entire house, and naturally the best smelling one.’

Her flair for perfection and precision speaks through her designs so feast your eyes and take a closer look.


Phone: 074 382 7777
Email: [email protected]

Photography: Instagram – @turquoisesquirrel_patisserie