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Skinboosters treatment

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Looking for the ultimate bridal beauty boost? We’ve found a professional treatment that’ll work wonders on your skin. By Lauren Watters @


Skinboosters (R2000 to R6000 a session, depending on the amount and the area)

It’s set to become the new buzzword in skin rejuvenation, but this ‘new kid on the block’ has actually been doing the rounds for a while. Dr Michelle Emett of Refine Anti Ageing and Laser Clinic in Hermanus has been using the treatment for years and reckons it’s one of the most versatile and cost effective for skin rejuvenation around.

Created by Restylane (a world leader in cosmetics fillers) they consist of stabilised hyaluronic acid, an incredible molecule found naturally in the skin. Think of these as glorious little skin sponges, holding up to 1000 times their weight in water and drawing moisture into the skin. The benefits?

  • boosted hydration and plumpness
  • increased elasticity and radiance
  • a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles
  • a healthier skin barrier
  • a reduction in inflammation (making it great for sensitive skin)


‘Skinboosters uses very small molecules that can spread like water in the skin and draw lots of water in,’ says Dr Emett. And it’s not just your face that can benefit. ‘Women often spend a great deal of time and money taking care of their face but neglect their neck, décolletage and hands. This is an instant giveaway of a person’s true age and areas that need to be addressed to provide a more complete rejuvenation of the skin.’

Who’s it for?

Everyone! Do you want gorgeous, glowing, plumped, smooth, healthy skin before walking down the aisle and taking centre stage in your bridal photographs? Then it’s for you. If you are in your late twenties or thirties it’s incredibly beneficial for younger women plagued by dry, lacklustre skin with an impaired barrier function (with amazing results on eczema too) who want to plump up the skin and fill in fine lines and wrinkles. In your forties or fifties? It’s ideal if you suffer from wrinkling, loss of elasticity from a decrease in collagen and elastin, or a general loss of volume. In addition to depositing HA, the process is also stimulating platelets and the formation of growth factors due to the needling, which all result in skin rejuvenation. But that’s not all…

Skinboosters are a fantastic way to remedy scars. ‘When treating scarring, we insert a cannula (blunt tip) needle underneath the scar, breaking up the collagen bonds which are pulling the scar downwards,’ explains Dr Emett. ‘We can then deposit microdroplets of HA which help to lift the scar, resulting in a smoother skin surface.’


One full face treatment takes about 20 minutes using either cannula needles (ideal for treating larger areas of volume loss or specific points of scarring) or the amazing Vital Injector machine, which inserts 50 microlitres of HA into the skin using five needles with every zap. The machine uses a clever suction action to lift up a small area of skin before the needles are inserted in a movement that feels like someone just touching a pin to the surface of your skin. Downtime can vary from a few days to a week, with temporary after-effects including redness, tiny bloodspots from the needles, mild bruising in certain patients and occasionally some uneven texture in skin (most often caused by the molecules being inserted too close to the surface of the skin).

Vital Injector

The Result While you’re notice an immediate plumping effect in treated areas, the big results are yet to come and well worth waiting for, unlike other rejuvenation treatments where the results tend to dissipate as the months go by. After four weeks you’ll start seeing some real differences as your skin begins to draw in more moisture, and after your second and third treatments, the real magic begins where an optimal level of moisture can be reached thanks to the biggest presence of HA.

For the best results three treatments are recommended over three months, followed by annual top ups. ‘After these initial treatments, you should get to a point where you will only need to book a top up once every year to maintain the results,’ says Dr Emett, making this a far more cost-effective treatment long-term than many other forms of skin rejuvenation (not to mention no need for constantly shelling out for fancy face creams that can only administer HA topically to the surface of the skin).

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