Shake it up

Shake it up

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Mobile Bars are their business and cocktails are their specialty. Shaker Events offer a classic concoction of professionally trained bartenders, blended with functional, practical and aesthetically beautiful mobile bars. Garnish that with expertise, professionalism and above all flexibility and you have the most scintillating accompaniment to your wedding day.

‘We like to think of our business as a cocktail of services,’ says bar consultant and senior trainer, Vlad Klaic. ‘We meet a bride and groom’s every need, even ensuring your décor and themes are reflected in the drinks. This includes bespoke cocktails, the bar’s particular look and style or custom lighting and branding.’ With a fully stocked range of spirits, bottled beers, fine wines, bubblies and soft drinks, the offering is extensive.

‘Whether your venue is in a garden, a marque or an elegant ballroom, we provide an exclusive wedding bar environment and beverage facility, as well as cover every aspect of the bar, from drinks, to mixers to cocktails, no matter how elaborate.

For a country garden wedding, try our Kiwi & Cumber Collins
Fresh cucumber muddled with kiwi syrup and shaken to perfection with Tanqueray gin, fresh lemon juice and topped with soda.

For a summer, seaside wedding try The Passionate Pine
A tropical flaring of fresh pineapple, passion fruit, freshly squeezed lime juice and dash of orange bitters, sweetened with a hint of homemade vanilla syrup. All beautifully placed with Bacardi Oak Heart rum in a vintage goblet.

For a romantic, vintage inspired wedding try The Berries Jewels
A superbly refreshing drink where the perfect berry juice meets up with the pride of pomegranate in an the intense whirlpool of Skyy citrus vodka, fresh lime juice and homemade honey syrup.

‘We are confident that we have what is required to make anyone’s special day an unforgettable and memorable experience,’ concludes Vlad.

To get in touch with Vlad or Shaker Events, email him on [email protected]. Visit for more information.