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Real wedding: Jean and Djamel

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Jean van Wyk and Djamel Hamadache included their nearest and dearest to create a fun, colourful celebration of their love in the Winelands.


We wanted an outdoor wedding to make the most of the South African summer, and to be surrounded by stunning mountains – Kleinevalleij offered us just that.


The ceremony area was white and simple with clean lines. For the inside, we decided on a total contrast –it was cosy and colourful, illuminated by rose-gold and naked bulbs, and finished off with delicate tulips and roses. The dinner area was natural, raw and stylish, balanced with rose-gold cutlery and colourful glasses.


Kleinevalleij did the catering and it was simply excellent. We chose the menu to give our guests a true taste of modern African cuisine, including springbok carpaccio and herb-crusted rack of lamb. Prior to hitting the dance floor, we served a dessert buffet, as opposed to a traditional wedding cake.


What we wore reflected our unique personalities: shabby chic, sophisticated and laid-back. We didn’t want to impose a dress code on our guests, so we invited them to wear whatever they felt comfortable in. It was wonderful to witness such a variety of outfits!


We hired a marimba band to welcome guests, followed by Legendairy, an incredible local music group. We even had a performance by Princess Pop, a great drag artist who is a resident at Beefcakes in Cape Town.

We didn’t want to be the sole focus of the day, but rather to celebrate every single person there, creating an environment of love, happiness and laughter. One of the ways we included our guests was to ask them to provide videos of them lip-syncing to RuPaul’s ‘Sissy That Walk’ prior to the wedding, which we made into a music video and showed during the party.


As a surprise, we opened the floor with a choreographed dance to the Scissor Sisters’ ‘Let’s Have a Kiki’, which we did in high heels, supported by some of our guests who agreed to be back-up dancers. By the end of the night, most of our guests had taken a turn in those heels!


Venue: Kleinevalleij Wedding and Conference Estate
Photography: DNA photographers
Co-ordination and stationery: Anja van Wyk
Decor: Goeters & Grand Room Design
Sound: Boundless Sound