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Should you have an intimate wedding?

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On your wedding day, you will be committing yourself to the love of your life in front of the people who matter most to you. Your guests witness your union, celebrate with you and help you build your new life with advice, gifts or money. They are a big part of your special day, but how many of them should there be?

While it would be great to invite everyone you know and love, there is a lot to consider when drawing up your guest list. Between inviting that one friend from primary school or your second cousin twice removed, your guest list can easily hit the triple digits. That’s a lot of people to find space for, cater for and take pictures with. If you’re already having a mild panic attack thinking about this, perhaps it’s time to go small. Here are the benefits of having an intimate wedding.

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There is a big difference between feeding 30 people and feeding 300 people.  That’s not counting invitations, seat placements and thank you gifts. It’s your wedding, and no expense should be spared in giving yourself the perfect day. But think how great it would be to save a few K that can go towards your new life rather than your wedding day?


When you don’t have to worry about finding a place big enough to seat hundreds, you’re venue options become more open. That quaint little church you saw while travelling, the exquisite lounge at that hotel, that stunning villa on the beach – all these places are viable options for accommodating a smaller guest list.


Destination Weddings 

Co-ordinating a destination wedding is much easier when you have a handful of guests to worry about. Whether you are paying for your guests or not, less people means less admin when choosing a hotel and a venue.

Guest attention 

Less guests means more quality, not only in terms of food, décor and gifts, but also with regards to time. You do not have to run around trying to greet, thank and pose with hundreds of people. Instead you can spend your time enjoying your wedding, eating, drinking, and engaging with your guests at your leisure. It also makes your guests feel more involved and connected with you.

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