Ornamental occasion

Ornamental occasion

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Create sophisticated, expensive looking hanging geometric ornaments, without the cost. Hang them together to make a gold or silver garland, or with flowers within them as a pretty detail.

Check out page 123 of our current issue to see what inspired this DIY*


Plastic straws cut into the following dimensions
Smaller geometric shape: 12 x 8 cm straws
Medium geometric shape: 4 x 11 cm straws
8X 8 cm straws
Large geometric shape: 4 x 15 cm straws
8 X 11 cm straws
Metres of gold chain
One needle
One reel of thick/strong cotton thread
One black bag /Brown paper
Spray paint in colour of your choice
One Ruler
Sharp pair of scissors
One pair pliers



1. Cut the straws to the desired lengths for the shape you want to make (refer to above measurements)
2. Cut the thread to roughly twice the length of your arm and thread the needle, then slip four straws onto the thread.

3. Push all four straws to the end of the string, to ensure a tight diamond shape is made by pulling the string tight. Then double knot, to ensure rigidity of shape.

4. Add two more straws onto the thread, to acquire one of the 3- D sides of the shape. Double knot once again, and ensure string and object are tight.

5. Repeat this process, adding two more straws to create the remaining side of the object. Double knot once again.
6. Thread your needle back down one of the straws, from the top, so that the needle and thread come out in the middle. Then tie a knot

7. In between each of the sides, put in a straw, ensuring that you double knot at every corner.
8. Once your geometric object is complete, make a small loop with the thread just above the object, where it will be attached to the chain. The size and position of the loop is up to you, depending on how much of the thread you want to show.

9. Take a pair of pliers, and carefully open the last link on either side of your chain.

10. Put this open link through the loop of thread. Then use the pliers to close the opened link.

11. Using a black bag/ brown paper as a drop/ back sheet, suspend your object and spray paint, with the colour of your choice.

12. The final metallic effect. Feel free to add flowers of your choice.

Tip: As you spray paint the straw object, the force will move the object around, and not get covered fully with the paint. Ensure that you cover all of the straws including corners, and perhaps a double coat is necessary, to obtain the full effect. You can use a think small object such as a matchstick/ peg to move the object over onto another side, as to avoid finger marks.


Photographs Rory Keohane/HSMimages.co.za

*Inspired and designed for a Chemistry Wedding Shoot by
Tickled Pink Weddings and Events
Ninirichi Style Studio
Jack and Jane Photography
Shepstone Gardens
The Culinary Workshop
Liquid Chefs
Erin Smylie Hair and Makeup
Pulse DJ’s
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