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5 Tips for MCing your best friend’s wedding

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When you’re deciding on an MC for your wedding, you’re likely to pick whichever friend is most comfortable in the spotlight – which is why Jacaranda FM DJ, professional MC and model Kriya Gangiah has found herself playing Mistress of Ceremonies at a lot her circle’s weddings.

After doing the legwork, she knows a thing or two about keeping everything running smoothly on the big day. Over to you, Kriya.


1 Fewer laughs, more sentimentality

‘It seems that, oftentimes, the first thing that comes to mind when most people are faced with the task of being a wedding MC is: I must be funny. This is not always the case.

‘If you find yourself searching the internet for jokes, I’d suggest you rather go for open and sincere, and focus on the evening having a nice flow. Keep in mind that the wedding MC is not the entertainment for the occasion; your main purpose will be to help the programme run smoothly. You can leave it up to the speakers to add in the lame jokes!’

2 Get the names right

‘Make sure you know how to pronounce the names and surnames of  everyone giving a toast – you don’t want to offend your bestie’s new father-in-law!’

3 Custom-build your speech

‘I strongly advise against using Google to write your speech, and avoid being one of those MCs who took the first three quotes, jokes or anecdotes they found when searching ‘Wedding MC’.

‘Spend some time thinking about what you’re going to say and get creative. It will help if you focus on the couple. Identify what is unique about them and their relationship, and then create something special.’

4 Keep an eye on the programme

‘It’s always better to have a plan or programme of events written down to guide you on the day. Even if you know everything you need to say off by heart, having it written down will help to reassure you when your task begins.

‘The running order and timing is extremely important. It is your job as MC to ensure that the guests are never left waiting for something, or that the food does not come out 20 minutes before it should be served. Know your schedule and keep to it.’

5 Be interactive

‘Read through your speech as often as you can before you take the stage. This will ensure that you don’t spend the entire time looking down at a script. It will give you a chance to interact with the audience and make sure you use that shining personality that the bride and groom love about you! No matter what happens, try to relax and enjoy the day.’

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