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Pick the perfect flowers for your bouquet

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The endless possibilities included in planning your wedding does not stop with the small things. Every detail counts, like your bouquet. There are so many colours and styles to choose from, but here are some of our favourites.


Rich colours compliment dark green leaves perfectly. It’s creates a elegant look to a bright colour scheme and fits into a woodland wedding, but can look just as incredible contrasting against a minimalist city wedding.



Ditch the flowers all together and get have your florist get creative with an assortment of greenery. Using different shades, textures and varieties of leaves can create a simple modern bouquet that is perfect for any minimalist bride.



A Cape classic – the protea. This iconic fynbos flower can be enough on it’s own or if using a king protea, is beautiful matched with grey/green greenery to pick up the dusty shade of the pink. If using a darker protea, such as the Pink Ice, try a darker leaf to compliment. We love the cascading bouquet with proteas, it’s an unusual bouquet for such a flower.



Vintage-inspired bouquets can be expressed in the form of their shape or colours. Brining in vintage colouring to any bouquet keeps the olden-day feel, while keeping it modern – think dusty pinks, creams, grey greenery and grey-blues. Keep the bouquet small to express your inner Hepburn/Taylor



There’s nothing wrong with a clean and classic look. Pinks and whites are the colours to go for here in nosegay or round shape. If you would want to bring in something slightly different, yet still keep it classic, perhaps try one or two more usual flowers, but in white or a blush pink.


Photography Sweet Ice Cream Photography/Unsplash, Pinterests