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Honeymooning, 21st century-style

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In a fix to plan a savvy yet romantic honeymoon? This might just be the answer

Words Dominique Bowen

Gone are the days of limiting the honeymoon experience only to newlyweds’ lavish romantic getaways following the flurry of the wedding spectacle. In fact, any excuse for a little alone time with your man is good enough reason to enjoy variations on the original honeymoon vacation. Increasingly the bustling modern-day lifestyle makes it tricky to arrange a full-blown honeymoon extravaganza, what with time and money being in short supply for many couples starting out.

But there is a simple fix! A series of mini-moons can be just as romantic as the traditional week-long getaway, but does away with the pricey flights and weeks of leave, costing a fraction of what a traditional honeymoon would cost. It may not kick off with the jangle and clank of Coke cans attached to strings trailing your car, or ‘Just Married’ spray-painted on the back windshield. But it doesn’t need to. In fact, many couples opt for a weekend beach getaway or a two-night stay in a country cottage in order to curb spending without curbing any of the romance.

So how to go about orchestrating the perfect swoon-worthy honeymoon?

First things first Since this is honeymooning on a smaller scale, the first thing to consider is your traveling time and mode of transport. You don’t want to be spending more time en route than at your destination either, so try keep travel time within a two- or three-hour limit.

Game plan Of course this mini-moon is about you and hubby, but do you share the same ideas when it comes to what the ultimate mini-moon actually entails? It’s probably a good idea to discuss what you’re hoping to gain from your break away together. He may be expecting a vibey, adventure-filled vacation, while you might just want to spend copious hours getting couples’ treatments at the local spa.

Speaking of couples’ treatments… Since the two of you are being super savvy vacationers, why not spoil yourself as a well-earned reward? You’ll be saving so much money as it is, a few specially-tailored couples’ packages will hardly put a dent in your budget. Hotel spas sometimes offer great discounted honeymoon packages, so be sure to inquire when you book.

…and leave the Instagramming/Facebooking/tweeting for later This is a break for just the two of you. Not your 562 followers. Feel free to snap, snap away to your heart’s content, but those filters and light settings can wait until you get home to post your precious vacation shots.

Remember: not only will you be able to explore more places closer to home, but you’ll also save bucket-loads of money that you could put towards furnishing your shared house or apartment into the home of your dreams, or even a bigger vacation months down the line. Regular trips with your hubby also mean there’s always something to look forward to at the end of a long working week that doesn’t require travelling halfway around the world. Plus there’s a certain thrill in the spontaneity that comes with romantic weekend getaways that sometimes gets lost in the advance planning for exotic honeymoon destinations. Weekly holidays with your hubby at your side and a new destination to explore each time? Yes please!

Weekend getaway spot

Heading to the coast? Tamodi Lodge and Stables in Plettenberg Bay offers gorgeous bed and breakfast honeymoon suites equipped with a four-poster bed, underfloor heating, Nespresso machines, air conditioning, full satellite TV and a private minibar. Breathtaking views await mini-mooners as you step out on to the deck overlooking the vast, lush valley below. Made specially for the nature-lovers, couples can enjoy a full breakfast followed by a day enjoying the area’s game reserve or horse riding at Tamodi’s stables.

Tamodi deck

Tamodi honeymoon

Tamodi pool

Tamodi suite 2

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