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Here’s how to plan the perfect first dance

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As one of the most memorable moments of your wedding, the perfect first dance not only opens the floor but is a special and intimate moment between the newly weds which has become an important wedding tradition over the years.

It stems from many years ago when ballroom dancing was an aquired skill everyone had to have, and the first dance at a ball or special event was usually done by a royal guest of honour to open the floor.

Nowadays, couples pick a song suited to their personal love story and practice a routine before the time to entertain their guests. But to make your first dance special, there needs to be a touch of originality, and since not everyone is a skilled ballroom dancer, it can be challenging to put on the performance you want.


The song you choose for your first dance should be representative of the personal relationship you have with your partner. This doesn’t necessarily mean you need to choose a completely orginal song, but you should feel that it speaks to you and your partner’s feelings towards each other. You also need to keep in mind the length of the song and the beat for your dance.


You can either choose to choreograph a dance with your partner, with a professional dance instructor, or completely wing it. If you want to choreograph your dance, you need to start as soon as possible, as the more time you have the more time you will have to learn the steps. This can be a good time for you and your partner to become even closer during the wedding planning, through learning to dance together.


When it comes to your big day, there will be a swarm of emotions, and executing a rehearsed dance may be a challenge, despite all your practice. Don’t feel discouraged by this, and, instead, focus on your partner and all the moments you’ve shared and the ones you’ve yet to share. A perfect dance will look different for everyone, and should be about celebrating with your loved ones.


1. Take your wedding shoes into consideration when planning your wedding dance. Practice in them a few times before your big day.
2. When deciding on your wedding dress, think about whether you will be able to move around and dance comfortably in it.
3. Make sure to speak with your DJ and MC beforehand to let them know how and when you would like your dance to happen.
4. Give you and your partner enough time to practice, and remember to relax and allow for mistakes to happen in your first few tries.

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