Designer profile: Hendrik Vermeulen Couture - Wedding Album

Designer profile: Hendrik Vermeulen Couture

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Welcome to our second local designer profile. Today we’re chatting to Hendrik Vermeulen, the creative director of Hendrik Vermeulen Couture, and JD Meyer-Vermeulen, the brand’s managing director.

We started designing wedding gowns because…
HV When you start on the couture path, some of the first made-to-measure clients you encounter are brides. This is still the one occasion for which many women opt for the custom-made experience. So, really, it was just a natural step on our path.

The main mission with each dress we create is… 
HV Each of our dresses is created from a different approach, with different inspiration, for a different function. But ultimately the goal remains the same – bringing out the beauty that lies within each and every woman, making them proud and confident. It is not only about the dress, it’s about the person wearing it.

There’s nothing better than:
HV Puppy smell! JD and I are new puppy parents, and they’re teaching us to really experience the now, really be in each and every moment. I think this also really applies to your wedding day. People can get so caught up in the planning and schedules and details that they forget to enjoy each moment.
JDMV Well, how could I not say puppy smell too? On another note and in keeping with the subject, nothing compares to a perfectly fitted custom-made wedding dress.

Our style predictions for 2015/6 are…
HV Soft pastels with sanded metal tones and neutrals. Powdered textures, with a few subtle hints of edgy shine, like big crystals or metal accessories. Watermark and embossed prints are also strong.
JD Definitely soft pastels in atypical colours (such as a protea) and prints, prints, prints for the daring future brides!

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