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Get honeymoon ready in 5 easy steps

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With all the planning and excitement around the wedding, there’s little room to prepare to ensure you are fully honeymoon ready! Even if you’ve arranged for your honeymoon to take place a few days/weeks after the big day, there’s no doubt that you’ll be exhausted and ready to pack up and go. And besides, who wants to go back to work after such an incredible high?

Having your honeymoon straight after your big day will let you ease into married life and give you the rest you need after months of preparation. Yet, this can make it difficult to find time to prepare for your vacay. Luckily, we have 5 simple steps to help you through your prep and packing!


First things first, ensure that everything is booked and set for your departure and arrival, including the flights, car hire, hotel, etc. Print all your booking confirmations and keep them in a travel wallet so that you have everything on hand should your cellular device fail you. You can also keep your passport, bank cards and any other important documents with this.


Next, it’s time to get everything you’ll be taking with you together. It’s important to take into consideration the weather of your honeymoon destination and the activities you’ll be doing when packing your clothes. Check up on the weather a week beforehand so that you know what you’re in for. Remember that it’s better to have more options rather than too little, and you can’t bank on finding what you need at the location you intend on travelling to. As a general rule, make sure you have enough clothes for warm and cool weather.


As mentioned above, you can’t expect that your destination will have everything you need, so make sure to include any personal items such as hygiene products and medication, as well as your absolute daily essentials, in your travel bag. That being said, it won’t hurt to do a bit of research into what your accommodation will offer in the room so that you can save on a few items such as towels, a hairdryer, soap, etc. Medication is an absolute must-have, especially if you have a chronic condition or intend on travelling long distances.


This is where you factor in any extra items that you would like to bring, for instance, you may want to invest in a disposable or Polaroid camera to capture all your fun and special moments. Travel accessories, a journal, special outfits for the trip (hint, hint) are fun extras to consider when packing.


Finally, it’s important that before you leave, make all the contact details for your accommodation as well as any other important information available to family members or close friends in case of an emergency on your trip.

Time to get packing!

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