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Easy nail care tips

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Get your hands and nails in top shape to show off that beautiful bling. By Lauren Watters @ Dearheartbeauty.com

Okay, so if he’s finally gone and put a ring on it it’s only fair that you keep your hands looking gorgeous, cared for and worthy of that stunning rock right? With a little expert advice and the right products, getting your nails in shape for engagement parties and your wedding day (not to mention maintaining them on honeymoon) is actually far easier than you think.

The professionals

Keep your hands looking worthy of that diamond by treating yourself to monthly manicures. Try the popular Dream Manicure (R190 for 45 minutes from Dream Nails) or call the girls from Fox Box if you simply don’t have time to leave the house or your desk. Book a Magical Mani (from R350) and they’ll come to you, manicure station and all, to pamper you in your own home.

Dream Nails


Home care

A little regular TLC at home is essential to maintaining the groundwork of a professional manicure. Care for your nails with simple steps such as applying a cuticle oil like CND Solar Oil Nail & Cuticle Conditioner (R154 for 7.3ml) daily or dipping your fingers into Essence Quick & Easy Sponge Nail Caring Oil (R57.95) before nourishing your hands with a cream like Kalahari Soothing Hand Balm (R220.50), LCN Juicy Pomegranate Hand & Body Sorbet (R220) or The Body Shop Pink Grapefruit Hand Cream (R55). They all smell absolutely delicious and make caring for your hands a pleasure!

CND SolarOil Nail & Cuticle Conditioner 7.3ml essence Quick&Easy Sponge Nail Caring Oil Kalahari-Hand-Balm LCN-Pomegranate The Body Shop Pink Grapefruit Hand Cream

Added extras

Once you’ve become a dab hand at caring for your hands and nails, treat theme to a little DIY pamper experience to boost their bridal beauty. Apply a mask such as Filorga Hand-Filler Anti-Ageing Mask for Hands and Nails (R580) or The Skin Republic Nail & Cuticle Repair (R42.99). These 20 to 30 minute treatments are easy to enjoy at home while watching a movie or even soaking away the stress of wedding planning in the bath.

Tip Whenever you use a face or body scrub, spend a little time giving your hands, fingers and nails a bit of an exfoliation too. It helps to boost circulation, soften cuticles and smooth your hands.

Filorga Hand-Filler Anti-Ageing Mask for Hands and Nails Skin Republic Nail + Cuticle Repair

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