Dress right for your type

Dress right for your type

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When it comes to picking your dress there’re a few things to consider. Choose a style and dress shape that complements your body type.

Words Tess Minnaar and Roxanne van Zyl

1. The triangle silhouette, or pear shape, applies to women who are curvy with fuller hips and thighs. Wear an A-line gown for a perfectly fitted shape. This has a fitted bodice with a skirt that angles away from your body, an ‘A’ shape that strengthens your figure by flattering your assets. Similarly, the empire gown creates a perfect line with its sweeping skirt and high waistline, providing you with a fantastic petite frame. Lastly, the ball gown enhances the pear shape’s slim upper body and creates a natural waist while the skirt flows away from your hips and thighs.


2. If your shoulders are wider than your waist and hips you have the inverted triangle body shape. Wear a dress that slims the waist with a fuller skirt. A short princess gown with a stunning pair of heels will draw attention to your legs and balance out your upper body. The trumpet or mermaid gown is also be an option, as it will counter balance broad shoulders to create a sleek look.


3. The rectangle silhouette, or athletic build is when your shoulders, hips and waist are in line. The gowns best fitted to this body type include the empire gown, which emphasises height by elongating the bodice with a high waistline. The A-line gown also fits this body shape with its outward flow from the waist, creating an illusion of natural curves. Another flattering style, known as the sheath gown, has flowing fabric that creates movement and flair.


4. Lastly, the hourglass figure applies to women with a defined waist with both hips and shoulders similar in size. The gowns suited to this body type include the sheath gown that slims your body from tip to toe with its streamlined skirt. The ball gown has structure that gives an hourglass figure a feminine feel. Finally the mermaid or trumpet gown will accentuate an hourglass figure in all the right places with its curvy fit and bottom flare.


No matter what your shape there’s a dress that will make you look and feel incredible.


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