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Paper wall flowers

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Turn to page 121 of the latest issue of Wedding Album magazine (on shelves next week!) and you’ll spy a gorgeous, cascading flower wall.

Here’s how to recreate that burst of blooms for your own wedding, as a decor element or even for a photo booth background (via Lovely Indeed).

What you’ll need
• Tissue paper sheets, in as many colours as you like
• Scissors
• Masking tape
• A blank wall

How to do it

1. Cut your tissue paper into 25×50 cm sheets and fold them accordion style (like when you made paper fans as a child). Cut one end into a rounded shape.


2. Unfold the paper and scrunch the flat ends together.

3. Roll a small strip of masking tape around itself, and use it to secure the two flat ends.


4. Mould your flower until you’re happy with its shape. Repeat to make as many as you need.


5. Use more masking tape doubled on itself to secure each flower to the wall. Voila! How does your wall garden grow?

Flowers-on-wall More-flowers-on-wall

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