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DIY: Balloon arrangements

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Skip the flower table arrangements and opt for these cute balloon arrangements instead! Not only are they a lot more cost effective, but they add a different spin to the usual floral decor seen at most weddings. Here’s how to make your own in just xx steps.

Balloons KL Nash

What you’ll need

• Paintbrush
• White acrylic paint
• 6 mm dowel sticks (as many as you require)
• Twine
• Balloons (as many as you require)
• Scissors
• Tulle

How to do it

1 Paint your dowel sticks with the white acrylic paint and leave to dry.

Balloons KL Nash

2  Inflate as many balloons as you require. Take one balloon and place a piece of tulle over it, gathering it at the bottom of the balloon.

Balloons KL Nash

3 Hold the tulle in place then using the scissors, cut the bottom to your desired length. Cut a piece of twine long enough to wrap around your gathered tulle then tie it around the tulle at the base of your balloon.

Balloons KL Nash

4 Take a dowel stick and place it inside the tulle at the base of the balloon. Tie in place with another piece of twine. Repeat for as many balloons as required.

Balloons KL Nash

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Text Robyn Lane
Styling Francoise Jeanne de Villiers
Photography Kendall-Leigh Nash/