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Diamond cutouts

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Jazz up mini bagels – or other pre-reception snacks – with these charming diamond cutouts.

What you’ll need

• Pencil
• Cardboard
• Craft knife
• Black fineliner
• Craft glue
• Toothpicks
• Bagels or other preferred snacks

How to do it

1 Draw a diamond on a sheet of cardboard. Use the craft knife to cut it out and use it as a template.

2 On a new sheet of cardboard, trace around your diamond template until you’ve filled the entire sheet with diamond shapes. Draw in the facet lines with the fineliner then cut out all the diamond shapes (a photocopier will be handy if you need more than one sheet of diamonds).

3 Use the craft glue to sandwich a toothpick between two diamond cutouts. Insert the toothpicks in your bagels or snacks then serve.

This DIY and more can be found in issue 1/2016 of Wedding Album.

Photography Gareth van Nelson/HSMimages.com