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Custom tote bag favours

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Ever thought of eloping to an exotic island? Why not bring that island to your wedding day? Follow these seven easy-peasy steps to make your own custom bags.

What you’ll need

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Medium to large potato
A few sheets of paper
Fabric bags
Red and green fabric paint
Fabric marker

How to do it

1  Slice the potato in half lengthways.

2  Cut deep diagonal grooves in one direction, then repeat in the other direction to form diamond shapes.

3  Draw a pineapple stalk on a sheet of paper, then cut it out and place over the other (uncut) potato half.

4  Cut along the outside of the stalk 

5  Place a sheet of paper inside the bag to prevent paint transferring to the back. Pour the paints on to a sheet of foil and dab the pineapple shape into red paint – you can also use a paintbrush for this step. Stamp it on the front of the bag. Do the same with the stalk, using the green paint.

6  Write your message in pencil on the bag, before tracing over it with a fabric marker.

7  Turn the bag inside out so that the print is on the inside. Place a sheet of paper in the middle to avoid paint transfer. Iron over the painted surface with a low heat setting to help it set.



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