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The Belief Awards

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Belief Awards is an online contest created to celebrate best Wedding Planners, Wedding Designers and Wedding Coordinators around the globe. The main goal of the wedding planners Awards is to spread the talent and ideas worldwide and to honour the professionals knowledge and experience. Keep scrolling to see the world’s 12 best planners, designers and coordinators.

Victoria Jackson, South Africa

Jackson planned a winter alpine-styled wedding with a touch of glamour and was given a Wedding Concept award.

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Victoria 1

Victoria 2

Carolina Muzo, Ecuador

 She is the first master wedding planner in Ecuador and one of the winners in the wedding concept category. For this edition, she presented a romantic vintage wedding for 300 guests.

Carolina 2

Carolina 3

Carolina 1

Ingrid Labbé, Guatemala

She attends national, international, rising celebrities and renowned business leaders. This year, Ingrid was a winner for both Wedding Concepts and Special Photo. She presented two different weddings: one of them had a Parisian theme and the other was a Pakistani wedding in Mexico that lasted three days and had 700 guests.

Ingrid 4

Ingrid 1

Ingrid 2

Astrid Labbé Bianchi, Guatemala

She works together with Ingrid Labbé and was awarded the Special Photo award for a beautiful wedding in Tegucigalpa, Honduras.


Cecilia Pineda Rosas, Mexico

This Mexican wedding planner was also awarded both a Wedding Concept and Special Photo award for a beautifully luxurious night time wedding.

Cecilia 1

Cecilia 2

Cecilia 3

Guadalupe Alvarez, Mexico

A third time winner, Alvarez has two winning Special Photos this year, both of them shedding light on an interesting Mexican tradition, the wedding parade.

Lupe 1

Lupe 2

Carolee Higashino, USA

Specialising in Hawaiian wedding for over 20 years, Carolee is also a third-time winner this year. The wedding was held across a pond on a beautiful private island, making making the transportation of the wedding decor her greatest challenge.


Jeanette Skelton, Thailand

Skelton opened the first ever wedding planning company on the island of Phuket and has been presented with a Wedding Concept award for a stunning dat she threw for a couple from Hong Kong.

Jeanette 3

Jeanette 2


Serena Ranieri, Italy

Serena was given a Wedding Concept award for a wedding she threw based on the couple’s unique theme, AIR. Their perfect day included hanging clouds, birds and flying acrobats.

Serena 1

Serena 2

Serena 3

Valentina Lombardi, Italy

The judges were impressed with a gorgeous snowy wedding in the Olympic Valley.

Valentina 3 Valentina 1 Valentina 2

Rui Mota Pinto, Portugal

Another third-time winner, he put together an enchanted wedding based around literature and the couple’s favourite author, Eça de Queiroz.

Rui 2

Rui 3

Rui 1

Nemer Jreige, Lebanon

Nemer is part of a team of young individuals specialising in space remodelling, flower decoration and wedding planning. He was awarded a Wedding Concept prize for his stunning work with decor and lighting for an ancient fairy garden theme.

Nemer 1

Nemer 2

Nemer 3