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Balloon arch

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Say your I-dos under a fun wedding arch that will delight both kids and adults.

What you’ll need

• 6m Chicken wire
• Florist’s wire
• Wooden rods or fishing line
• Florist’s foam
• 150 balloons
• Flowers and leaves

How to do it

1 Roll your chicken wire lengthways into a tube and bend in the centre to create an arch. Keep the arch together by tying florist’s wire at intervals along it.

2 If the arch is going outside, use sturdy wooden rods to stand it upright. Insert one end of each rod into the ground at least 20 cm deep. Place the bottom ends of the arch over the rods and secure with florist’s wire. If the arch will be placed indoors, suspend it from the ceiling using fishing line.

3 Insert bits of damp florist’s foam into the arch, ensuring they are hidden.

4 Blow up the balloons and attach it to the arch using florist’s wire.

5 Insert your flowers and leaves into the foam using florist’s wire to hold them in place.

6 Cover any exposed florist’s foam with balloons or flowers.

This DIY and more can be found in issue 1/2016 of Wedding Album.

Photography Gareth van Nelson/