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Alternative footwear options for your wedding day

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Not one for heels? Or maybe you’re planning on dancing the night away at your reception? Not to worry, brides all over are ditching the stilettos for comfy shoes that are both stylish and practical. Take your pick here.

1 Boots


If it’s a rainy day, wear Wellingtons. If it’s in a country setting, channel your inner cowgirl. If you’re a daring fashionista, get out the best designer knee-high boots you have and kick it in style. Whatever you do, you’ll prove that boots are one of the most varied, versatile and fun types of footwear available.

2 Espadrilles


Planning a beach ceremony in a hot and sunny location? Not the best spot for those sky-high heels then.A pretty pair of espadrilles will get you through the day, whether it’s a whirlwind soiree or a low-key affair.

3 Sneakers


Colourful, comfy, and with far less risk of causing a fall, a pair of sneakers will add some quirk to your get-up. They’re also great to wear to your reception where you’ll be able to show off your killer dance moves without falling flat on your face.

4 Ballet pumps


These are not the least conventional item of footwear you can wear, but they’re still an interesting choice for your wedding. While some brides choose to counter a white dress with colourful footwear, you might be looking for something more subtle but still eye-catching so opt for embellished pumps instead.

5 Barefoot jewellery


Going without any footwear is a great move if you want a particularly laid-back wedding or are planning nuptials on the beach, but there are ways to spruce up your feet without worrying about what shoe will fit. One example is ornate jewellery made specifically for the feet. Try the Gauteng-based jewellery company Helena’s Crown if you’re eager to find out more about this trend.

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