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9 Tips for starting your wedding registry

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Admit it, some time after the happy engagement fog cleared and the business of planning began, it hit you: the joy of selecting items for a gift registry lies in your near future.

But while we wish it were as simple as grabbing a barcode scanner and being let loose in your favourite store, there are a few things you should consider first. Before you hit the stores (or the web!), keep these in mind.

1 Room for two
Don’t let your imagination run away without your groom. He’ll be sleeping on the linen, eating off the plates and aiming his socks at the bamboo laundry hamper too so be sure to include him in the process.

2 Too many soup ladles spoil the broth
Take stock of which items you already have between the two of you, what you’ll take with you into married life and what you still need or would like to update. This will ensure you don’t end up with an excess of cheeseboards but not enough wine glasses for entertaining.


3 Speaking of entertaining…
You may want to consider registering for two sets of cutlery, crockery and glassware – one for everyday use and one for special occasions.

4 Go on – overdo it
Far from looking greedy, having a larger number of registry items than people on your guest list is actually considerate, particularly if you opt for a wide price range. This gives your nearest and dearest options when it comes to the gift they’d like to get you as well as leaving the door open for anyone who would like to purchase an engagement party or bridal shower gift too.


5 Future perfect
Keep in mind that your tastes may change. Sure, right now you’re the couple that needs cocktail shakers, Martini glasses and caviar spoons but that doesn’t mean the Mr and Mrs of the future wouldn’t like a nice sturdy casserole dish too.

6 Time things right
There’s nothing wrong with registering a good while before the wedding or even shortly after the engagement. This gives guests on a budget time to plan for any big-ticket purchases they might like to make. Just keep in mind that seasonal items you register for – such as those matching fleece robes – could be out of stock by the time most of your guests get around to their gifts.


7 Please Mr Postman
Find out if your registry service will deliver gifts directly to a designated address. This saves your guests having to manhandle bulky packages to the ceremony and prevents any potential transit issues post-reception.

8 Ps and Qs
Handwritten thank-you notes are not a thing of the past. Remember to send yours, preferably with a personal mention of the item received.

9 Be an all-seeing eye
Most registries today allow you to log in and view what has and hasn’t been purchased, and the lists are usually updated daily. Keeping track of what’s flown out the door allows you freedom to add more of a specific item, such as side plates or coffee mugs.

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