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9 Fun decor ideas for your big day

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Although the most emphasis is often placed on the gown, venue and food, the decor you have at your wedding adds a touch of personality and can bring an entire theme together. Try one of these cute ways to help set the scene for your big entrance or reception.

1 Spray PVC piping with copper spray paint and pair with indigenous plants for an industrial and interesting take on flower arrangements.

PVC piping flower arrangements

2 Combine a natural element, such as a branch, with home-made paper flowers for a simple yet striking addition to chairs, a seating chart or a backdrop.

Bridal decor

3 Collect glass planters, such as test tubes, fill them with dainty flowers and tie string to each one to hang them from a centrepiece.


4 Let your guests sign their names on a beautiful origami-inspired print you can later frame for your home.

origami-inspired print

5 Use straws, wire chains and gold spray paint to create a suspended floral display for the entrance to your reception.

Suspended floral display

6 Paint and decorate a wheelbarrow, fill it with ice and drop in beverages for drinks on the move.

Drinks wheelbarrow

7 Fill closed umbrellas with seasonal flowers and hang them on chairs, walls or even the ceiling for a different approach to florals.

Floral umbrella

8 Make your own cake takeaway boxes for your guests by printing out a template from the internet and cutting each box from a foldable sturdy paper that matches your theme.

Takeaway boxes

9 Denim offcuts can be turned into cute napkins for a blue-hued table setting.

Denim napkin

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