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8 Unique ideas for your wedding invites

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It sets the tone, it sets the mood, it sets the date. Your invitations are a crucial part of your big day so how will you make yours special?  These eight ideas should help.

1 Beautiful typography

Sometimes, just sometimes, simple is better. A plain invite, with a focus on strong and beautiful typography, is modern and super sophisticated.

Beautiful typography

2 Travel-inspired

Planning a big day out of town or abroad? Carry this theme into your invites with creatively designed luggage tags, boarding passes or aeroplane tickets. Or give your guests a clue as to where the wedding will be with a vintage, treasure-hunt-style map.

Boarding pass

3 Viewfinder

Remember those old-school viewfinders that would cycle through a reel of retro-tinged images? Turns out, it makes a great invite! Fill a reel with photos of you and your beloved, throw in a few of your family and the venue, add all the event details and package everything with the viewfinder to send away!


4 Cute and quirky illustrations

There’s nothing quite like hand-drawn images and typography – you know, with a pencil or pen. Find an artist to create an illustration for your invites thenand carry some of the elements through into your wedding, such as on the menus and place cards. Illustration 5 Bottled

You’ve probably seen personalised wine bottles on the tables at a wedding but have you ever received one as an invite? If you’re having a small, intimate affair, tailor your varietals to what each guest likes or if you have no idea what Aunt Debbie is drinking these days, bubbly always goes down a treat.

Wine bottle

6 Watercolours

Have your invites designed and printed (keep the lettering to one colour), then spend precious hours with your love adding watercolour splotches. The best part? No two invites will be the same.


7 Stamped

Beautiful, easy and cost-effective – get a stamp made with all the wedding details and make sure even your envelopes are special!


8 Air plants

The newest office-desk trend – and now the cutest way to invite your guests.

Air plant

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Photography pinterest.com/weddingalbumsa, Laura Ramsay Design