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7 Tips for planning a destination wedding

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Some might smirk at those couples who prefer an overseas setting for their nuptials, but the world outside Mzansi offers some gorgeous backdrops for a wedding, though they do come with a great deal of extra admin. To help you make it a bit easier, try these seven handy tips.

destination wedding tips

1  Scout the area

Before you buy the dress or book the tickets, make sure you know exactly where you want to get hitched and that you’ve checked all possible venues and facilities in the area. These include ceremony and reception areas, hotels, eateries, caterers, salons, photographers and florists. Make sure you’re 100% clued up on what you need, who and what is available when, and whether or not they’re worth the expense. Sometimes this may entail travelling to the destination in question. While this might seem costly, it will pay off when you eventually get to the big day and everything goes according to plan.

2 Ask for help

This is not the time for micromanaging. You’ll need assistance and a wedding planner is your best bet to ensure you have a smooth journey to the altar – but not just anyone will do. Pick a planner or agency, such as Sole Synergy, who is familiar with the location you’ve decided on or who already does planning in the area. This will help immensely with any language barriers and travel expenses. If you prefer a wedding package offered by your venue of choice, be aware that the experience might pale in comparison to what you originally envisioned.

destination wedding tips

3 Study up

Getting acquainted with your country of choice’s marriage requirements is mandatory, specifically where it concerns residency, which states that a couple must have resided in the country for a certain amount of time before getting married. On the other end of the scale, you might not be permitted to use a vendor (photographer, videographer, make-up artist, etc.) from your own country, depending on where exactly your wedding will be taking place. Ensure you’ve read and understood all the laws of the country in question.

4 Be civil first, then ceremonial and celebratory

If you’re getting married overseas, don’t forget to ensure your union is recorded in your home country too. Try getting your paperwork done in a civil ceremony before you leave the country, often a requirement in most foreign countries anyway. You can then have the religious ceremony and subsequent bash at your planned destination.

5 Be money-conscious

If planned correctly, a destination wedding doesn’t have to break the bank. However, all the admin and the unpredictable exchange rate can rack up a bevy of expenses, such as travel and accommodation for your planner, vendors and family. Allocate specific amounts to each part of your wedding plan and pay these well in advance so you don’t end up with any surprises later on.

destination wedding tips

6 Assess the climate

Money’s not the only capricious force in the world. There’s also nature, which can get more tempestuous in certain parts of the world than in others. Some research beforehand will let you know when hurricane or the rainy season is, when you might melt in the baking heat, or when you might freeze your fingers off. These kinds of conditions all depend on where and at what time of the year the big day takes place, so ensure you know your destination’s climate.

7) Tell everyone… early!

While you might be willing to set everything aside preparing for a life-changing event in a place you’re not 100% familiar with, some of your friends may not. Let everyone, particularly  family and hopeful bridal party members, know about your plans for a destination wedding as early as possible so they can assess their budgets and plan ahead if they need to. If not,  at least they’ll have ample time to let you know so you can make other arrangements. And  remember: while it might be your big day, they might not be too keen to make such a big trip.

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