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6 Great gift ideas for your groomsmen

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We’ve given brides-to-be loads of advice on how to make their wedding day as special as they want it. We’ve ensured that grooms have their pocket squares and boutonnières up to scratch. We’ve shared tips on how to give bridesmaids a great look and an even better time. We’ve even paid some attention to the guests.

But what about the groomsmen? Surely these fellows deserve some attention of their own. They are, after all, the men who’ve helped the ‘man of the hour’ through the bachelor party, suit fittings and speech preparation. One or two might give speeches of their own at the reception, and we mustn’t forget the crucial role one of them plays as ring-bearer.

So, here are six gifts that would be perfect for saying ‘thank you’  to your loyal band of groomsmen for their various contributions before, on, and maybe even after the wedding day.

1 Shaving kits


Perhaps the safest bet is something necessary for a guy’s physical upkeep. Shaving equipment, to be precise. We’re talking something particularly classy, complete with a shaving brush, straight razor, top-class shaving cream, and perhaps pre-shave oil and an aftershave balm.

2 Cufflinks


A classic embellishment to a suit, every groomsman will be thrilled to have a set they can wear time and time again. Present it to them just before the ceremony so they can don their new accessory while watching their mate say his ‘I do’s’.

3 Pocket watches


My brother’s gift to each of his groomsmen was a pocket watch inscribed with the wedding date. Way to turn a stylish accessory into a special memento, right? Pocket watches hark back to an era when gentlemen wore them with top hats and waistcoats. So while they might not complement every suit, they are quirky and classy enough to keep handy.

4 Smart covers and cool cases


Leather is a sleek, durable material – and it screams class. And how better to give it in the form of a thank-you gift your mates will use regularly, such as a phone cover, wallet or cardholder. Bonus: add a personal touch by engraving their names, nicknames or initials on the top.

5 Pens


As clichéd as it may seem, a fountain or ballpoint pen is a great gift to bestow upon a friend. It’ll be used often, and therefore will be a constant reminder of your big day. And once again, the sentiment will be multiplied if you add an inscription.

6 Whisky glasses


The groom and his buddies have no doubt had some awesome parties. And in honour of this, he might decide on a liquor-themed gift. If he’s thinking beer mugs, push him towards an option more befitting of a life-changing moment such as this – like elegant whisky tumblers, for example.

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