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5 Tips for choosing a pocket square

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Say what you will of the humble pocket square, but when it comes to wedding attire, it’s a dashing and classic embellishment for a suit. That being said, selecting the right pocket square can be difficult. Rampley & Co offer beautiful pocket square designs, many with original patterns and works of art so it was a no-brainer for us to get co-founder Elliott Rampley’s advice on helping you choose the perfect pocket squares for your beau and his groomsmen.

1 Subtle differences make a big impact

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Although the trend has always been to match the pocket square to the wedding’s overall theme, it’s not always possible. ‘The pocket square is meant to add flair and be a talking point of the suit,’ says Elliot. Instead, he suggests getting a more elaborate pocket square for the groom while the groomsmen have similar shades or patterns in their pocket squares.

2 Choose your fabric wisely

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Your choice of fabric for your pocket square most often depends on the theme of your wedding and how formal or not the occasion will be. Silk is an obvious choice as it’s a safe, reliable option that allows dor intricate levels of detail. But there are alternatives, says Elliot. ‘Wool-silk blends and linen both add texture, and linen also works perfectly if your outfit is less formal or you’re not wearing a tie.’

3 Size is everything

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According to Elliot, the fabric you choose for your pocket square will affect the size of it too. A premium silk pocket square, for example, has a bit of weight to it so an ideal size would be between 40 x 40 cm and 42 x 42 cm. ‘A 42 cm-squared option will give you a nice full finish without bulging in your pocket or slipping down as you move around.’ Opt for a hand-rolled hem on your pocket squares as it helps hold its shape when in your pocket.

4. A fold adds flair 

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Don’t just shove your pocket square into your pocket. Instead, folding it correctly will give your look a more sophisticated bent. Elliot recommends a flat fold for a classic white pocket square or pointed fold for a bit of edge. For patterned or colourful squares, a simple puff fold looks great and contrasts well against a dark suit jacket.

5 Give it meaning


Although a pocket square is rarely used for looks other than formal-wear, they can also act as mementos for both the groom and his groomsmen. At Rampley & Co, bespoke pocket squares are often requested and designed to the groom’s specifications – think prints featuring a sentimental image or a hand-embroidered date of the event. Personalised pocket squares are also great gifts for groomsmen.

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