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5 Striking outfit ideas for the unconventional bride

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The white bridal gown has been the norm for generations of brides, but the modern bride-to-be is breaking the mould with looks that are more than just a little unconventional. Here are five unique looks for bridalwear that are anything but traditional.

1 The colourful dress

unconventional bride

You might find white boring, you might have been married before, or you may just want to complement your wedding’s festive theme. Either way, an elegant coloured gown will surely turn a few heads.

2 The shorter dress

unconventional bride

A dress that allows for a bit more leg to be shown will certainly raise a few eyebrows. It can also easily downplay any unwanted austerity, which many might expect from a wedding.

3 The cocktail dress


Forget numerous fittings; this one is straight off the rack! A cocktail dress in white may seem a bit daring but for a city wedding. it’s the perfect accompaniment to brunch.

4 The pantsuit or jumpsuit

unconventional bride

If dresses aren’t your thing, an elegant pantsuit or jumpsuit will make you stand out and look statuesque. Throw on an oversized veil and your good to go.

5 The tuxedo

unconventional bride

There are many ways too ooze class when you’re getting married and wearing a tuxedo is definitely one of them. So instead of donning a dress, why not suit up for your big day? With a blazer, waistcoat, bowtie, boutonnière and maybe even a top hat, you’ll be sure to wow with your smart get-up.

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