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5 Steps to long-wearing lipstick

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Your wedding day can be long. And between all the eating, well-wishing, speeches and dancing, there’s hardly a moment for you to step away to check your lipstick’s still in place. Use these five steps to create the perfect long-wearing lip look for your bid day – you can thank us later.

1 Smooth

It’s no use applying a beautiful lipstick onto dry, chapped lips so make sure yours are soft and flake-free. Use a lip scrub (or a bit of facial scrub) once a week to lift flakes and leave them smooth. Rub the scrub in small circular movements all over your lips before rinsing well.

Lip scrub

2 Prime

Use a lipstick primer for added staying power or apply a bit of lip balm to clean lips for nourishment and to keep them comfortable beneath your lipstick. This is especially important when using long-lasting lipsticks that can make lips feel dry throughout the day.

3 Line

To encourage your lipstick to stay put and prevent it from bleeding into your lip lines as the day goes on, carefully apply a matching lip liner along your natural lip line. To cheat fullness on thinner lips, take this line ever so slightly over the outside of your natural lip line but be careful to ensure it still looks believable.


4 Colour

Sweep on your favourite shade, either straight from the tube using the tip of the lipstick bullet to guide you or with a small lip brush for precision. A lip brush is also a great tool to keep in your bag to help you get the last bits of lipstick out of a tube when you can no longer apply it directly.



5 Perfect

Finish off your lasting lip look by lightly dusting a translucent powder over your lips, followed by another coat of lipstick. You can also blot lips gently with a tissue instead of using powder before applying a second coat.

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