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5 Hacks to keep your lipstick in place all day

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On your wedding day, you will be in 100s of photographs. From your preparation to your reception and everything inbetween, your journey will documented, and it should be. It’s a day you want to remember for the rest of your life, and you will will look like an absolute dream.

While all these photographs are being taken, the last thing you want to do is a million touch ups. To give you one thing less to worry about, here are five hacks to ensure your lipstick looks incredible from the moment you put it on to the moment you take it off.

1 Prep your lips in advance 

One of the best ways to keep your lipstick on it to ensure your lips are nice and supple. In the days leading up, exfoliate your lips once a week. You can do this by applying lots of lip balm to your lips and brushing over them gently with a toothbrush for 1 -2 minutes, then wiping them clean with a tissue. Popsugar have a great DIY sugar scrub you can use instead, to get rid of chapped, flaky lips.


2. Moisturise  

Now that you’ve gotten rid of the flaky skin on your lips, you need to keep it that way. Invest in a good lip balm and use it regularly. In fact, whenever you are not wearing lipstick, you should be wearing lip balm. This help prepare your lips for the lipstick and keep them soft for that big kiss!

3 Line it up 

It may an oldie, but it is a goodie! By lining and filling your lips with lip liner, you help your lipstick go on more smoothly, and prevent smudging and bleeding.

4 Blot and powder 

Removing excess lipstick by blotting your lips with a tissue is simply not enough. Separate a tissue into its two halves, use one to blot as you normally do and the second to apply translucent setting powder to the lips. You hold the tissue to your lips, take a brush and pat the powder onto the lips. This will absorb excess moisture and keep your lipstick in place.

5. Lock it in 

This last hack is the secret weapon. It will ensure your lipstick stays in place even after sipping on a drink or two and it’s all thanks to makeup artist Kelly Hanna Thompson. After your lips are prepped, moisturised, lined and set, use a clear eyebrow wax pencil around your lips. This will create a solid barrier that will protect your pout all night long.

Photography Omar Medina Films/pixabay and courtesy images