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5 Bachelorette party ideas you will love

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Your bachelorette party is so much more than your last night out as an unmarried woman. It is a time to take a break from all the wedding chaos, spend time with the important women in your life and have fun. If you are a maid of honour or bride struggling to come up with idea’s for the bachelorette party, here are some to inspire you.

Spa Day 

As you know (very well) planning a wedding is highly stressful. Between the venue, guest list, dress, food, budget and the million other things to arrange, the bride will undoubtedly need some pampering. A spa day is the perfect way to work out some of that tension whilst having a good catch up with your girls. Choose your favourite spa, book some treatments and let the pampering begin. Bonus: It is good beauty prep for the big day.


High Tea

If going wild and crazy is not your thing, a high tea is a great alternative. Get dressed, gather your girls and enjoy a wonderful afternoon out with sweet and savoury treats, fragrant specialty teas and incredible coffee. You can plan an array of fun games to play during tea, to help both sides of the family mix and mingle.

Pole Dancing Class

Fit, fun and fabulous. Pole Dancing is a great way to learn some sexy moves, get a good workout and have some fun. The art of pole dancing has become more popular, particularly because it make for great exercise. Who knows? It may turn into something you quite enjoy and continue for fitness purposes.


Chauffeur Service  

If you want to paint the town red with your squad, why not do it in style? Hire a chauffeur for the evening to take you from place to place. This will allow everyone to party safely, as no one has to worry about driving. You can go fancy and hire a limo or get crazy and get a party bus. Either way, it’s much better than getting an uber.

Get a little naughty 

It’s a tradition to embarrass the bride with sexy lingerie, naughty toys and maybe a little strip tease. Many services around SA help you plan these cheeky bachelorette parties and educate you on some of the toys and tools you can use in the bedroom. Désir in Cape Town is an adult shop with a beautiful space in Camps Bay, Cape Town. You can book their show room for a private access to their showroom. Bachelorette is a party planning service that operates in Cape Town, Joburg, Pretoria and Durban. They can help with everything. Strippers, novelty toys and cakes, lingerie presentations  – they do it all.

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