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3 Tips to help you compile your gift registry

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Bespoke-wedding-registry Compiling your wedding registry can be fun as you and your husband-to-be decide on colour schemes and just the right kettle to go with that knife set you have your eye on. But how to decide which registry is right for you? And aren’t registries totally taboo? Fiona Hamilton, head of registries at Yuppiechef, gives us the low-down.

1 Choose a registry service that offers you a one-stop-shop 

While it might seem fun to register with lots of different stores, it’s much easier to manage and keep track of just one registry – and it makes it simpler for your guests too. Also, consider the time it will take if you have multiple exchanges and deliveries. At Yuppiechef, you can swap any unwanted gifts or duplicates before closing your registry and all your gifts will be delivered to you free of charge.

2 Forego trends for timeless classics

Although it’s just good practice to add products at various price points so your guests can buy you a gift within their budget, it’s also a good idea to skip the knick-knacks. Your wedding registry is not the place to add unitasking one-hit wonders and simple kitchen staples, such as wooden spoons. You can get these items yourself if you really need them. Don’t be afraid of pricey items as guests can join forces to get you the more expensive, long-lasting pieces you’ve always wished for and probably won’t be able to afford yourself.

3 Gone are the days when wedding registries were seen as ‘taboo’ 

Guests now expect some kind of info about a registry with the invitation, so either include a little insert with the details or, for an online registry like Yuppiechef, add the website address (and direct link if you have it).

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