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Not sure if you need a wedding planner? Two brides weigh in

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The big question’s been popped and you’ve said ‘yes’. But now it’s time for another major decision to be made: Should you hire a wedding planner or not? We spoke to two brides – one who used a planner and one who didn’t – to help you make up your mind.

‘A planner would’ve been an unnecessary expense.’ – Meryl Gurling

For our big day, we wanted to save money where we could, and a planner would have been an extra cost. I already knew exactly what I wanted for my day and, if I’d chosen to get a coordinator, I think I would have been worried that they would not be able to create the vision I had in mind. My husband and I saved towards our wedding for an entire year and stuck to the budget we created. Although we managed to get a lot of our vendors at good prices, we used every cent we’d set aside.

Knowing what others spend on their wedding days, I think mine was a lot more cost-effective, especially because my mom and sisters helped bring my dreams to life. They helped me find ideas that were simple and elegant yet inexpensive to recreate. In the end, I felt satisfied with the knowledge that I’d made my day possible by myself.

THE TAKE AWAY – Not hiring a planner allows you to spend money on the things you actually want, and not on someone else’s time.

‘I wanted to use a wedding planner from the moment I said “yes”.’ – Kelly-Anne Abrahams

As a bride, you’ll always be stressed because you want a movie-scene wedding, but having a wedding planner made my day so much easier. I felt relaxed and could enjoy every moment. The planner stuck to our budget and managed to accommodate all of our requests without overstepping or trying to add her own ideas. From the colour scheme and decor to the catering and more, everything about the day was planned to a T.

A wedding coordinator is in charge of more than just the reception and, because I travel a lot for work, it took more than a year to plan the entire day. My favourite part was visiting wedding venues and choosing the dress – all of which my wedding planner made possible without me having to lift a finger!

THE TAKE AWAY – Using a planner allows you to enjoy the process of your wedding, and frees you up to concentrate on other, everyday things – like work!