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Wedding emergency kit checklist

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Imagine after months of stressful planning that your big day is filled with even more stress because of a few mishaps that are easy to fix. Whether it’s a wardrobe or make-up malfunction or a minor injury, you want to be prepared for everything. Creating a wedding emergency kit may sound dramatic, but it could be what saves your wedding. Keep all these essentials on hand to ensure that you are ready for anything:


– Moisturiser
– Sunscreen
– Concealer
– Nail file
– Bobby pins
– Clear nail polish
– Eye drops
– Wet wipes
– Tweezers
– Hairspray
– Comb
– Deodorant


– Sewing kit
– Fabric tape
– Fabric glue
– Buttons
– Safety pins
– Scissors
– Flat shoes
– Spare underwear


– Protein bars
– Water
– Pain relief medication
– Gum/mints
– Rescue remedy


– First aid kit
– Plasters
– Sanitary products
  Allergy relief medication
– Tissues

Make sure to pack your emergency kit in advance, so that there’s no rush the night before or the day of. Keep everything labeled and categorised so that it’s easier to reach when you’re faced with an issue on your wedding day.

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