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Timing tips for your destination wedding presented by ‘No More Boring Weddings’

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Planning a destination wedding? Or maybe you’ve always dreamt of one but have no idea where to start. That’s where No More Boring Weddings comes in! Written by couple Jon Roman and Elsie Storm, the upcoming book aims to demystify the traditional wedding and make this long-held custom more fun for everyone.

And now, Wedding Album has teamed up with Jon and Elsie to bring you an exclusive excerpt from the book – before it’s even gone to print! Read on then click here for your chance to win a destination wedding consultation.

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Timing is Important When Planning a Destination Wedding

Have you ever planned a vacation, mapped out everything you were going to see and do, and upon arrival you found out it was rainy season, or half the country was shut due to a huge festival?

It may seem straightforward – you just pick a date and people show up. If only it were that easy! There’s actually quite a bit to think about when choosing the best date to hold your destination wedding. Besides your own schedule, you have to think about your guests and the “schedules” of the local country. There’s lots to keep in mind about timing, and here are a few things to consider:

1. Weather – Don’t forget that the weather can vary greatly around the world. The North’s summer is the South’s winter, for example. Want to get married in the tropics? Most have a rainy season where it rains almost every day. Know as much as possible about the weather during the time of year you want to go. This could easily sway your decision.

2. Holidays – Two things to consider here: 

a. Holidays in my own country – During any holiday season, more people are going to have time off work, but flights and hotels may be more expensive. So, you may have more people available to come but less people wanting to spend more money.

b. Local holidays in the host country – It’s also important to know of any big holidays happening in the host country. If it’s a big enough holiday, it’s possible it could disrupt your gathering in some way.

3. High Tourist Season – Tourist season in most countries tends to mirror the US & UK holidays: May – August (summer) and December – February (winter/Christmas holidays). During these times, prices can double or even triple, and availability can dwindle greatly.

4. Health Risks – Are there local health risks in the host country you need to be aware of, and are those risks higher during certain times of the year and in certain locations? Know the risks and plan accordingly.

5. Know what works for your friends and family – Obviously, you want those closest to you to be at your wedding, so you may want to keep them in mind while planning. You will not be able to find a perfect time for everyone; that’s the nature of things. But don’t worry, it tends to work itself out in the end. It can be helpful to create a list of absolute “must” people and run some dates past them before making a final decision.

That being said, remember, it is your wedding. Some people will be super excited, some people may grumble about dusting off the old passport. You never know, and you can’t please everyone. Sometimes you just have to make a decision and trust that most will manage to make it work for them.

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