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The 5 commandments of beard care

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In order to be in pristine condition, chaps’ beards need a generous dose of TLC, just like the rest of their body. To ensure that your man’s facial hair looks snazzy as ever on your wedding day, share with him our 5 commandments of beard care, which are key for him to abide by as the occasion draws nearer.

1 Trim

A sharp trim will guarantee that the shape of his beard is a good fit for the shape of his face. There are four common facial shapes, namely the square, circle, rectangle and oval. Square and circle faces are best suited to beards that are substantially trimmed on the sides and fuller at the bottom. A rectangular face on the other hand, is the complete opposite scenario. A beard that carries majority of the hair on the sides with a smaller amount at the bottom, is most appropriate for this facial shape. As for the oval face, men with this shape can go town with a variety of beard cuts. This nifty guide from Birchbox shows each facial shape and the corresponding beard cut:

Beard care


Top left: Square face Top right: Circular face Bottom left: Rectangular face Bottom right: Oval face

Whichever one he chooses, remind him not to neglect his philtrum, the area below the nose! This is where his moustache grows and it will look rather out of place while the rest of his beard is preened.

Beard care

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2 Wash

A hearty wash is particularly vital for men who are going through the younger days of  beard growth, as food and skin cells can get easily stuck between the hairs. Run of the mill soaps and shampoos that you find on supermarket shelves are made with sulphates, which deprive his skin and beard hair of their natural oils, and dry out his hair follicles and hair. Because of this, it’s crucial for him to use a specialised beard soap or shampoo with organic substances, such as essential oils and natural clay.  Like the hair on his head, a daily wash is not needed- two to three washes a week will suffice. Once he’s given his beard a good clean, he needs to gently pat it dry with a towel. Any vigorous drying can result in frizzy hairs, split ends or even worse- frizzy hairs with split ends.

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Beard care

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3 Moisturise

To tame an unruly mane and keep it looking smooth and glossy, he won’t get anything better than a sumptuous beard oil that seeps deep into his beard. The amount needed differs depending on the length of his beard. Short beards require only three to five drops, while medium beards benefit from six to nine drops and long beards, 10-15 drops. The prime time to apply the oil is once he steps out of the shower, since the heat of the water will open the pores in his skin and his beard hair, allowing the product to be soaked up well. To start off with, he should rub the oil between his palms to warm it up slightly, releasing the aroma of the oils and causing it to disperse more efficiently. He should then proceed to massage it onto his beard in a downward direction before massaging from his throat upwards. Applications should be done once a day on average, although two applications would be to the advantage of guys with really dry beards.

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4 Brush or Comb

Apart from preserving the shape that he chose for his trim, brushing or combing his beard will attack stubborn hairs, making them more likely to grow in a downward direction. Gentlemen with shorter or thinner beards can use a brush, while it’s preferable for those with lengthier or thicker beards to use a comb. Never let him use a low quality, plastic comb! Thanks to their sharp points, these will probably break his facial hair and scratch his skin. A comb with broad teeth is his best option because it prevents damage. If he has just washed his beard, it’s important for him to towel dry it as much as he possibly can before combing. If he doesn’t, his facial hairs could snap. In the same way that keeping a pocket comb up his sleeve helps to occasionally neaten his head hair, investing in one especially for his beard, is a one-way ticket to tidy facial hair all day long.

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Beard care

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5 Style

For the ultimate grooming statement and expression of his personality, your beau can take his pick from a world of beard styles, which he can produce with a beard balm. Before creating his choice style, he should rub on a bit of beard oil to soften his facial hair and make it more flexible to work with. Next, he should add the balm that will fashion his beard into the desired form. After that, combing his beard will help to keep the style in place. Lastly, he could hold a cold hairdryer in front of his face since the cool air will set the style, ensuring that it’ll still be in tact by the end of the night. For styling his moustache, he can rely on a moustache wax- those made with bees wax are great. However, he should bear in mind that like makeup, wax will fade with time and requires touch-ups. Given that, he could ask one of his boys to keep a tin of wax in their suit pocket.

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Photography Alvin Mahmudov/Unsplash, Courtesy images