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Plan My Wedding: Your big day on-the-go organiser

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Imagine arranging everything that you could possibly need for your wedding with only a few clicks and swipes- no more tatty diaries stained with spilt coffee or lost appointment cards. Plan My Wedding, the newly launched online wedding coordination platform, allows you to do just that. The website is the first of its kind in Southern Africa.

From inspiration boards to a chat service and budgeting sheets to checklists, Plan My Wedding brings you a realm of organisational tools. You can even compile your gift registry and arrange a heavenly honeymoon! We spoke to Chelsea Evans, the website’s founder, who told us more about their fabulous offerings for the run-up to the big day and beyond.

In which Southern African countries can couples plan their wedding by using your website?

We currently have suppliers in South Africa, Zimbabwe and Mozambique. It is all dependant on where we have suppliers sign up.

How does your inspiration board service differ from that of Pinterest, if at all?

It is very similar to Pinterest. The only difference is that you can keep all your wedding planning in one place including your inspiration. Most of our images on Pinterest will be in our inspiration section too.

Who provides the planning advice?

We have qualified wedding coordinators in Cape Town who answer our 24/7 online chat service.

How can couples go about organising their expenses and payments? Are they provided with a list of expenses that indicates what has been paid for and what not? 

Yes that is correct, so they can fill in their budgeted amounts in the budget area. After receiving several quotes from suppliers, they can then accept the ones they are happy with and pay them.

Are they able to see how much they have left to spend after making payments?

They can keep track of their payment in the payment section and then enter in their actual amounts that they have spent, so they can do a comparison of what they budgeted to how much they have spent. On their dashboard it also shows how much they have left to spend.

Which checklists are provided?

A checklist to organise your complete wedding right from the beginning.

Plan My Wedding

At which outlets can couples create wedding registries by using your website?

Currently we are affiliated with 2. We have recently signed deals with Yuppiechef and Netflorist.

Who provides the travel/honeymoon advice?

We have a travel agent on our team as well as a partnership with an online travel agency for packaged deals.

Can couples book flights on your website?

Yes that is correct.

Which additional, paid options can couples choose from?

Currently we have no paid online options for couples. We do still offer couples on-the-day coordination, as well as full coordination packages, if they require one at more of a cost.

To create your account, visit If you need help or more information, drop them a mail at or give them a call on +27 21 671 7758.

Looking for an app to download too? Try AppyEverAfter or The Brides Office. These are both freely available on iOS and Android devices.

With Appy Ever After, you have the chance to request presents, vouchers or cash from your guests, via the gift registry feature. So, if you’re battling to pay the bills for your nuptial affair or honeymoon, you can ask for donations towards each of those events. It also means that you’ll be able to stock your current nest with loads of stunning homeware and gather funds for your dream home! When it comes to sorting out that all-important guest list, you can add guests straight from your contact list to the app. What’s more, you can keep a record of the RSVP’s and communicate with all your guests by sending out group messages.

Plan My Wedding

The Brides Office app includes a feature devoted to overseeing your guest list. From there, you can invite your bridesmaids by filling in their name and email address. They will receive a notification to download the app, allowing them access to all the details of your special day. That way, you won’t only have a handy digital tool to arrange the occasion, but can be constantly connected to your bridal squad. If you’re both a bride-to-be, and a bridesmaid for a friend using the app, you can alternate between different weddings by selecting the relevant bar, at the top right hand corner of your countdown. Nifty, isn’t it?

Plan My Wedding

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