Lookbook: A bold floral themed wedding - Wedding Album

Lookbook: A bold floral themed wedding

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Thinking about a bold, floral themed wedding or colour palette? Our lookbook shows you how pretty pastels and delicate floral embellishments blur the lines between a world of enchantment and a lust for the extraordinary.

Flowers, Fleur le Cordeur; wheelbarrow for one-week hire, Propeller Props

Invitation (including envelope) design, save-the-date card design and accommodation card design, all White Kite Studio; floral fabric, Fleur le Cordeur

Cake, The Red Kitchen; flowers and floral fabric, both Fleur le Cordeur; step ladder for one-week hire, Propeller Props

Flowers and floral fabric, all Fleur le Cordeur; cushions stylist’s own; transparent chair, Urban Tonic; Moldova kelim, Gonsenhausers Fine Rugs; buckets, watering can and bench, all for one-week hire, Propeller Props

Transparent chair, Urban Tonic; vinyl sticker, Vinylart Interior

Floral fabric and floral centrepiece, both Fleur le Cordeur; table name design, name card design and menu design, all White Kite Studio; Champagne glass, wine glass, cutlery, dinner plate, side plate and table, to hire, Two Birds

Biscuits, The Red Kitchen

Floral fabric, Fleur le Cordeur; thank-you tag design, White Kite Studio

Floral styling: Heike le Cordeur // Fleur le Cordeur
Photography: Gareth van Nelson & Andreas Eiselen // HMimages

*Products subject to availability