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How to incorporate braids into your bridesmaids’ hairstyle

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Whether it’s big and loose or tight and neat, have your bridesmaids incorporate braids of all kinds into their hair for a detailed look. And what’s more, they can be altered to fit your bridesmaids’ personal style so they can also look special and unique.


We love how delicate and detailed a fine braided piece can look in an up-do. For a bohemian take on this trend, save a few loose pieces of hair either in the front of your middle parting or just above the ear. Start at the roots, braid the pieces tightly and pin it back into the completed up-do. You can also adjust the style by having hair softly curled with lots of texture and braided pieces hanging loosely in-between.


Taking notes from the famous fishtail-braid, have hair curled to add mega texture and volume to work with, then braid hair into a low hanging fishtail that starts at the nape of the neck. Pull the braided pieces out slightly to the point where it still looks neat but adds a softer appearance. Add tiny baby’s breath flowers here and there for a bit of whimsy.


This is a trickier one but it can look absolutely stunning if done right. The free-spirited, yet glamorous look starts with pieces of hair braided from the nape of your neck all the way around to end there again and create a crown of sorts. This means the hair can be off your face and no floral garlands or hairpieces are necessary.


If you’re seeking a sophisticated style with a twist, this one is for you. Create a sleek high ponytail and plait hair all the way to the ends. Twist the plait around to form a bun and secure with a few bobby pins. For extra shine, spray the completed do with a glossy hairspray to smooth out fly-aways and keep the whole look secure. What’s more, this can be altered with different styles of braids and plaits, or even multiple braids, for interesting texture.