Destination weddings: Cruise edition - Wedding Album

Destination weddings: Cruise edition

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A Champagne soirée, indulging in fine wine and delectable foods on a view-serving cruise liner, and an unforgettably romantic ceremony venue along with some of the grandest ballrooms above the sea on a stunning Cunard ocean liner.

There are a few things more romantic or timeless than a wedding on board. With magnificent spa treatments and sunset views on the decks of a legendary Cunard Queen, it’s hard to say no to saying ‘I do’ while cruising across the ocean waves.

But, a destination wedding like any other, tying the knot in the middle of the ocean requires some careful attention to the finer details and to the legal side of things – be sure you’re all clear with the law and logistics before jumping in the deep end, and the packages on offer with the Cunard cruise liners for the perfect wedding onboard.

1 Make sure it’s recognised 

If you decide to get hitched on the Cunard cruise liner, your marriage will be registered under Bermudian Law, and you’ll need to register the marriage after the fact in your home country, if necessary. The Bermudian Law states a few requirements that need to be fulfilled by guests wishing to be married at sea. Check up on the requirements below:

  • The couple must not be too closely related by birth or marriage.
  • They must both be over 16 years of age. If either is under 18 years of age, the consent of a parent or guardian is required.
  • Neither party is suffering from a mental disorder as defined under the Mental Health Act 1968.
  • Neither party must knowingly and wilfully agree to the marriage without the required notice being given of the marriage or without the necessary licence.
  • Neither party may be married to another person at the time of the marriage ceremony.
  • The marriage must be contracted before a Marriage Officer (the Captain or a Deputy Captain who is in command of the vessel at the time of the ceremony).

Requirements may differ under the law of other countries, so Cunard strongly recommends guests to seek matrimonial legal advice to determine the logistics of marriage at sea under Bermudian Law.

2 Know the ins and outs of an onboard ceremony

The Cunard Weddings ceremony is a civil service conducted under Bermudian law. In terms of the formalities for a marriage ceremony undertaken on board a ship to comply with Bermudian law, it must take place on a Bermudian flagged ship, and the ceremony must be conducted by either the ship’s Captain or by the Deputy Captain.

An announcement of the intended wedding must be published in the Bermuda Sun. Particulars of the ceremony will be noted in the ship’s logbook and this will be filed subsequently with the Registrar General in Hamilton, Bermuda. Cunard will ensure that these requirements of Bermudian law are satisfied, provided that all information and documentation is provided by guests within the prescribed time limits.

Note that the bridal couple’s names, address and telephone numbers will be published online. After the registration of the marriage in Bermuda, the guests will be sent a copy of the Marriage Certificate.

3 Make the planning easy with Cunard’s wedding packages

Cunard have created the essential cruise liner wedding package for a unique and grand wedding day. You can also choose from an array of additional finishing touches to personalise your day. Here’s what’s included in the Cunard wedding package:

  • Elegant wedding ceremony venue
  • Romantic ceremony at sea conducted by the Captain
  • Two fresh floral arrangements for the ceremonial room
  • Traditional wedding music
  • Commemorative wedding certificate
  • Bottle of Veuve Clicquot champagne
  • Wedding invitations and thank you cards for your voyage guests
  • Services of On Board Wedding Coordinator
  • White Star Bellmen to escort bride to ceremonial room
  • Pressing service for bridal outfits
  • Priority check-in and luggage delivery.

The pricing and booking fees, including licence fees, for the voyage options:

  • Queen Mary 2 – $3, 400 (R44, 847.70)
  • Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth – $2, 800 (R36, 933.40)
  • Additional marriage certificates – $50 pre-voyage certificate (R659.52), $65 post-voyage certificate (R857.38)