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6 ways to optimise your wedding style: Groom’s edition

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Suit yourself! Here are our top six tips to take the guesswork out of your groom’s wedding style.


Once you and your beloved have nailed down a theme and chosen a colour scheme, it’s time to decide on the general style of your outfit. The type of attire you choose will depend on what time of day and what kind of wedding you’ll be having. For more formal occasions such as a church wedding, you should probably consider a three-piece suit or tuxedo. If you are opting for a brunch or beach ceremony, a two-piece suit or separates (such as a blazer and chinos or formal shorts) are perfect options.


Ditch your regular deo for a more long-lasting fragrance that you and your bride will associate with your big day for years to come. Try Jimmy Choo Man Intense 100 ml for a touch of sweet intoxication or Montblanc Legend Spirit 100 ml if you’re after something fresher.


Researching clothes? It may sound like a lot of unnecessary work, but it will be worth it in the end. Don’t head to your closest retail chain store or designer-brand outlet simply because you don’t know what else is out there or feel intimidated to try somewhere new – you’ll be surprised at the gems you’ll find at smaller shops. Additionally, smaller set-ups often offer a tailoring service at no extra charge. Heading online and searching for different styles and looks will help you narrow down what you want before handing over the cash.


Start with the colour of your suit – it doesn’t necessarily have to be black. Light or dark, patterned or textured, the options are many. Narrow down your choices by coordinating your suit with your bride’s colour scheme. This doesn’t mean you have to match; just complement her dress and the bridesmaids’. Once you’ve decided on a colour, try a few different cuts to see which one best suits your body type. If you are a little on the short side, stick to a two-button jacket and a single-colour suit instead of separates, to help elongate your body. On the other hand, three-button jackets look great, and in proportion, on taller men.


So you’ve found the perfect suit, now it’s time to add the extras: a shirt, shoes, belt and tie. Don’t let the salesperson sway you though. Even if you’ve spent a small fortune on your suit at a specific store, you may not need shoes or abelt that are as expensive. Buying individual items at different places may take longer, but you’ll end up saving money, and hopefully finding items you’ll want to wear long after the reception has become a memory.


Jazz up your look by adding a lapel pin, pocket square or cufflinks that show off the fun side of your personality. These accessories are available in quirky shapes, prints and colours. Think lapel pins in the shape of moustaches, cufflinks that look like Lego blocks, and pocket squares printed with everything from polka dots to Batman.