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4 ways to up your wedding entertainment

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In the market for something a little less ordinary for your wedding entertainment? Read on…


Q. How can I make sure the belly dancer I hire will put on an age-appropriate performance, keeping in mind there will be grandparents and children in attendance?
A. Do your research before booking anyone. Look at their website for photos to make sure you approve of their costumes, and if you have access to any videos of their performances, watch those for an idea of what to expect.

Q. Will I pay more for a group performance?
A. The cost of a performance depends entirely on the company, but don’t expect a discount rate for group bookings.

Q. Is it better to hire more than one dancer?
A. For a wedding, especially a large celebration, you’ll make more impact hiring a group of belly dancers. More dancers mean more interaction with guests, as they can spread out and encourage audience participation.

Q. How long is a belly dancing show?
A. You can expect a belly dancer to perform for around 20–30 minutes.


Q. Can I request a specially choreographed show for my wedding?
A. Every company is different, but most will offer you the choice of booking a group performance or a solo act, with the option of tailoring the show to suit your event.

Q. Do companies take care of insurance in the event something goes wrong or is it my responsibility?
A. Most companies should have insurance, but always check when booking, as you don’t want to have to pay for any damage to a venue should the unexpected happen.

Q. Do I need to get clearance from my wedding venue to hire a fire juggler?
A. It is advisable to check if the venue is happy to accommodate fire performers and if there are any restrictions on where they can perform

Q. Should I book the performance for the end of the night or during cocktail hour?
A. A fire show is a great way to end an evening, finishing the night’s celebrations with a bang. Keep in mind where the performance will take place, though. If you need more space or are required by the venue to be outdoors for the show, you may prefer to do it during the pre-reception drinks, rather than asking guests to leave the reception hall to watch the performance. 


Q. How many guests can a caricature artist draw in an hour?
A. An experienced caricaturist may be able to draw as many as 20 guests in an hour.

Q. Where is the best place for the artist to work?
A. Most caricaturists are accustomed to drawing almost anywhere, but keep in mind that they will need good lighting. Seat them somewhere quiet so they can concentrate better.

Q. Do I need to provide the supplies?
A. Caricaturists will bring their own supplies, which will be included in their costing. For a little extra, you can ask them to personalise the paper.

Q. Can the caricature artist draw groups too?
A. Absolutely! In fact, it may be more fun drawing groups of people than individuals, plus it’s a nice way for guests to mingle with each other.


Q. Do I provide the props?
A. Props are normally included in the price of the photo booth, but you can always bring a few of your own if you have something unique in mind.

Q. Do I pay by the hour or for the number of photos taken?
A. Most companies will offer different packages, and the price is often based on both the number of hours and the number of photos printed.

Q. Will there be dedicated staff manning the booth or do I need to provide someone?
A. There should be a staff member managing the photo booth, so you don’t have to worry about props going missing or packing up at the end of the evening.

Q. Do photo booths require electricity?
A. Yes, they do, so discuss with your venue prior to the wedding and arrange an appropriate position to set it up.