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4 Online sites for your perfect e-vite

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Invitations set the tone of your wedding. They hint at the colours, theme and style you’re going for. And while most people opt to have printed invitations, online invites can encapsulate what you want just as well. It’s also an easy way to collect RSVPs and communicate information to your guests without any hassle. Whether you want to make your wedding greener or cut costs, e-vites are a great way to send both your ‘save the date’ and formal wedding invitation, as well as for other pre-wedding functions such as your kitchen tea or rehearsal dinner. These five sites will help you create and send the perfect e-vite to encapsulate your love.

1 Evite

With more than two billion online invitations sent from its servers, Evite definitely knows what it’s doing. The site provides custom templates for each season and even has an LGBT option. With simple instructions, you can create your invitation to your specifications, including how much information you want to receive (so you don’t get spammed by your own e-vite!). Wedding invites come complete with guest options, RSVP methods, gift registry additions and a donation option if you’re being charitable. There is a free version and a paid premium version for you to choose from and your guest can also share photos and comments on the invite. Evite is also available on iTunes.

Try it evite.com

2 Pingg

What happens if you decided to go with an online invitation but then decide you want printed ones instead? Pingg basically gives you the freedom to do just that with an option to send printed versions of your online invitation to either a few or all of your guests. This is particularly useful for older members of your family that may not be tech savvy enough to use email. The printed versions have a unique URL so guests can still RSVP electronically if they prefer. Pingg also gives you the option on how you can send out your invite – via e-card or Facebook – and offers both a free and paid premium version.

Try it pingg.com

3 Punchbowl 

While all online invitations are green, Punchbowl allows you to select invites where a donation to help reduce wasteful paper production will be made. This is a great option if you’re specifically having a green wedding, as you will be saving paper and adding to the solution simultaneously. The site’s wedding section also has a great list of options to choose from regarding events surrounding the wedding. – from your bridal shower and engagement party to your rehearsal dinner and bachelor and bachelorette party invites, you can design them all with Punchbowl.

Try it punchbowl.com

4 Paperless Post

One of the unique selling points with Paperless Post is access to a designer who can help create your dream invite. They also have exclusive wedding collections from top fashion houses such as Oscar de la Renta, Vera Wang, Kate Spade and Kelly Wearstler. And if you prefer not to use their templates or design one on the site, you can also upload your invite and make use of their platform to send and track your RSVPs.

Try it paperlesspost.com

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